Banaue, Ifugao • Sagada • Buscalan, Kalinga in 14 days for 5,000 php


First up on our 14-day adventure is the Banaue-Sagada-Buscalan trip. Banaue for the rice terraces, Sagada for caving and cool weather and Buscalan for the traditional “batok” tattoo. There are two ways on how to go up north in the Mountain Province, either via Banaue or Baguio. We took the Banaue route and made online seat reservation via Ohayami night bus. The terminal for Ohayami is in Sampaloc, Manila.

If you plan to take the Baguio route and stay a few nights first at the Summer Capital of the Philippines, you can take the Victory Liner bus at either Cubao or Pasay station which operates 24/7.

Banaue (10 hours) – Day 1 and 2

We left Manila at 9pm and arrived 7am the following day. Supposedly, we were just to do a quick side trip at Banaue to see Batad rice terraces and go to Sagada afterwards. But we learned that last trip from Banaue to Sagada is at 2pm. So we stayed overnight. 

Assertive tour guides will negotiate with you for a Batad rice terraces tour starting at 800 php each via round trip van. But again, if you ask around, some tricycle drivers will offer you a tour at 250 each round trip which I find more cheap. 

I recommend the tricycle tour if you are on a budget. During the day, we maximized the tour from straddle point of Batad all the way down to Tappia waterfalls. This, for me, is the only highlight of Banaue

However, you can still take a full tour for a week or so around the majestic rice terraces in Banaue such as the Bay-Yo Terraces, Poitan and Vocos Village, Hapao Rice Terraces and Hot Spring, and a whole lot more. 


Hotel and Tour Guides at:
Halfway Inn Lodge and Restaurant – 0915-465-8921 or 0928-521-4522
Environment Fee: 50 php
Tour to Batad fare: 250 php
Sagada (3 hours) – Day 3 and 4

From Banaue, we took the 9am van going to Bontoc at 150php per head (2 hours) and top load jeep from Bontoc to Sagada at 80php each (1 hour). We need to make sure we can make it to the last Bontoc-Sagada trip. Trips are scheduled and may sometime vary, so make sure to always ask around with drivers. 

Upon arrival in Sagada, we looked for an accommodation first before we went on our spelunking adventure. Most rooms are at 250php to 400php each person with own toilet and bath. We stayed at Ganduyann Inn for 350/person per night as it is relatively close to the meet up point, bus station, municipal hall and tourist center.

After spelunking, we had dinner at Masferee. They serve Garden Harvest all-veggie pizza at 420php. At 8pm, temperature can get as cold as 11degC.


When it comes to breakfast with a view, Yoghurt House is the most popular. After breakfast, we had a quick trek down to Sagada Hanging coffins. They have a “no guide, no tour” policy. During that time, all the guides have a seminar until 1pm and we need to make it before the last trip going to Bontoc by 12nn. So, we risked and sneaked our way down without a tour guide (as I have already been there few months ago). As much as we’d want to go for a Kiltepan sea of clouds tour and a trek to Bomod-ok, our appointment was set today with Whang Od. 


There are several activities you can do at Sagada, like the viewing at Kiltepan Sea of Clouds, trek at the Hanging Coffins, visit at the Orange farm, full caving at Lumiang to Sumaguing, swimming at Bomodok Falls at 12degC and a visit at Sagada Weaving Center. Below are the contacts you can reach:

Tour Guides:
Bomod-ok Falls – Anita, 0975-585-1052
SumaguingErid, 0927-986-6100
Stay Inn Recommendations: Ganduyan Inn, St Joseph Inn and Canaway Rest House.
Environment Fee: 35php
Spelunking: 500 each with roundtrip van service
Buscalan (4 hours) – Day 4 and 5
From Sagada to Bontoc, we made it for the last trip at 12nn and arrived 1pm. Once in Bontoc, jeep station is near MSPC colleges. Last trip from Bontoc to Buscalan is at 2pm. Either you drop off at Bugnay and pay extra 100 for habal habal motorbike going to Buscalan or drop off straight to Buscalan turning point. Only difference is the wait time. Most loads are being dropped off at Bugnay small town. If you don’t mind the stop over and on a budget, drop off at the turning / jump off point.

It is highly recommended to set an appointment with a guide from Buscalan as you will do an hour trek to the tribe and network signal is almost negative. Your guide can also arrange an accommodation for you at 250php each with unlimited free coffee. There are sari-sari stores up on the hill but you may opt to do a grocery  as your host can also cook for you.
Buscalan Guide – Benjie Pasion, 09480774818
Cost: 1000 php good for 5 pax
Environment Fee: 75
Tattoo: 1400 php
We arrived almost 6pm, so decided to have our tattoo the following day. Due to tight time-sensitive trip, we went for a tattoo with Apo Whang-Od’s granddaughter, Emily Oggay. The other granddaughter is Grace Oggay, but she also had 3 clients lined up already at 10am. We only had our three-dot trademark tattoo for 100 php from the legendary artist Apo Whang Od, as the queue is quite long and other client’s design(s) are a quite massive.

There are only two bus rides from Buscalan to Bontoc. We don’t want to take the risk of missing either of the trips so we just hired a van at 1,800 good for 4 pax. From Bontoc, we took an ordinary bus going to Baguio instead of going back to Sagada for a straight Manila trip via Coda lines. Bontoc to Baguio is 6 hours and Baguio to Manila is another 6 hours. This trip was challenging due to a number of trekking but overall, it was a worthy trek up at the Mountain Province! 

SUMMARY: Itinerary, Expense and Contact Information.

Day 1: MNL to BNUE
9pm: Manila to Banaue via Ohayami, 510php
Contact: – 09276493055

Day 2: BNUE
8am: Trike to Batad rice terraces and Tappia falls good for 2 pax vice versa, 250php
Room Accommodation at Half Way Inn, 250
Banaue Environment Fee, 50
We did not hire a tour guide.

Fee: 800 down to 500 each if you want the convenience of riding in a van. 
Contact: Halfway Inn Lodge and Restaurant – 0915-465-8921 or 0928-521-4522

Day 3: BNUE – SAG
9am: Banaue to Bontoc van, 150php
Trips at 7am, 8am, 9am and 2pm
11am: Bontoc to Sagada Jeep top load, 80php
1pm: Check in at Ganduyann Inn with own T/B, 350php
2pm: Spelunking from Lumiang to Sumaguing, 500 

Tour Guide: Erid, 0927-986-6100, pick up from hotel roundtrip included
Sagada Environment Fee, 35
Contact: Ganduyann Inn – 0918-965-9192

Day 4: SAG – BUSC
9am: Sagada Hanging Coffins entrance walking distance from Ganduyann Inn, 50
12pm: Sagada to Bontoc jeep, 50php
2pm: Bontoc to Buscalan Turning Point jeep, 100php
5pm: Buscalan Trek with Tour Guide, 250php
7pm: Stay Inn with free paluto and unlimited coffee and rice, 250php
Buscalan Environment Fee, 75php
Contact: Benjie Pasion from Buscalan 09480774818 for appointment. 

Fee: 1000 good for 5 pax

Day 5: BUSC – MNL
10am: Tattoo from Emily Oggay (grand daughter), 2 designs; Moon at 800 and Traveler at 500.
11am: Tattoo from Whang Od; 3 dots, 100. If buying a present, Apo Whang Od prefers organic food. Refrain from buying canned goods as she might just give it away to dogs of the tribe.
1pm: Van from Buscalan to Bontoc, 450php. You can also take the bus but since we are on a tight timeline, we opt for the faster one.
2pm: Bontoc to Baguio (Ordinary) bus, 176php
9pm: Baguio to Manila via Victory Liner AC, 445php

Total damage with tattoo and food: 7,263php or $150
Total damage with tattoo w/o food: 5,421php or $110
Total damage without tattoo and food: 4,021php or $80

If one of your main goals is to get the traditional tattoo, might as well get one then! 

Watch our video and more photos here. Next is our Palawan trip. 



South Cebu: Solo Travel Backpacking

Cebu has a lot of picturesque places to visit yet this solo trip I had focused on nature appreciation and carefree travel. I had last minute planning, 2 days to be exact, before I decided to push through with the trip. I didn’t book any hotel and just couch surfed. Trip happened last September 3 to 6, 2016. 


First night was spent on this chill winery at Lahug, the La Vie Parisienne where you can buy mini cranberry (30php), mini escargot (35php) and merlot at 345 shared by 2-3.

At about 4am, I went straight to South Bus Station for the Kawasan Canyoneering trip today. At the station, take the Bato via Barili at Door 10 with fare of 146php. Travel time is 3-4 hours. Tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy Matutinao (if going upstream) and/or Brgy Malabago if you have scheduled tour.


I booked mine with Highland Adventure at 1,500 (joiner fee) for a full trail with 11 jumps/falls and “stalagmites” to explore. If going solo, fee is 2,500 with an intimate tour at your own pace with a guide for 5 hours or more. Add 200php for a 2-meal with unlimited rice lunch. I didn’t take that offer though as they have budget meal at 100php. You can also get tour packages at 900 but Highland has the best offer among those I have asked around.

Michael Munoz (Highland) – 09179508750

You can also go for a half tour for 3 hours with 4 jumps/falls yet no “stalactites” to explore at 685php per head as a joiner fee and 1,700 if going solo. This includes everything, except your shorts and rashgard/shirt of course. If you do not have aqua shoes or sandals, they can lend you. Vest and helmet already included. But, if you are a cheapskate, you may want to start upstream.
I should have done the upstream with I think no fee at all. All I need to do is to start at Brgy Matutinao, landmark is the church, and walk all the way through up with a guided trail. This way, I can spend no mullah at all. Except if I get hungry wherein you can buy bananaques along the way at 10php.

Quick notice: Full trail canyoneering reopened at 09/01 and tour operators will only accept walk ins until September 8, after that it will all be fully regularized and monitored by the government with standard fee. Hearsay is new will be at 1,100 php with meal inclusion. Until then, operators are on a BAU prices.
I started the tour 10am and ended at around 4pm. I was supposed to go to Osmeña peak but may not reach the sunset so decided to skip that part.


Couch surfed again at Magik Resort in Badian for a night for my Oslob tour tomorrow. Second day is for my whale shark (Butanding) snorkeling at Oslob. I woke up at 6am and took the bus to Bato at 60php from Badian which took an hour. From Bato, I took another bus going to Cebu at 30php, travel time took 30 minutes. Just tell the driver to drop you off at “Donsol Butanidng”. I was dropped off at some resort to register.

Registration is at 100php and snorkeling fee is 500, use of vest and goggles already included. From there, you will have to attend a short briefing for 5 minutes on the do’s and don’t. They also have gopro for rent a 550php. The experience only lasted for 30 minutes but it’s worth it. I stayed for a few couple of hours at the resort at no fee to have my brunch at 100 per meal.


From Oslob, I took the Cebu Ceres bus going back to the city at 176php. I left Oslob at 12 nn and arrived at South Bus Terminal at around 4pm. Then went straight to the Temple of Leah.

After my Oslob during the day, I had a fine view of the city at the Temple of Leah. Quick trivia about the infrastructure. Did you know that this was built by Teodorico Adarna, grandfather of the Filipina celebrity Ellen Adarna, to his loving wife Leah Adarna, as a sign of his undying love and ceaseless devotion. Built at 2012 A.D., this Roman inspired temple is, for me, kind of bit romantic. Although, not fully completed, I felt for a moment that I’m in ancient Greece. Entrance is at 50php and if you plan to rent the place for a photoshoot, minimum is 2,500php for 3 hours.

How to get there? I tried to book mine via GrabCar which quoted me at 242 from Elizabeth mall (besided the South Bus Terminal) yet two drivers tried to negotiate for a fixed fee. I wondered why as Grab gives an automatic fixed fee. I got a bit frustrated, so just took the cab to JY Square at 120 and took the habal habal (motorcycle) from there at 100php. Although the tourist spot now offers shuttle service at 50php from Cebu IT Park, which I knew a little late, you may want to take the service if you’re not in a hurry. But I was, so I took the risk of taking the motorcycle. It’s like the Antipolo of Manila. Overall, it was really a great way to end my day tour at Cebu.

While waiting for my flight at 1:35 am the following day, I just decided to watch a movie and indulge with a few more lechon at Ayala. Well, here’s the breakdown of my expenses, I know you all been waiting for this.
Airfare RT (MLA – CEB – MLA)
Cab from Condo to Airport
Cab from Airport to Mandarin
La Vie Parisienne
Cab from Mandarin to South Bus
South Bus to Brgy Malibago
Highland Adventure (Canyoneering)
Lunch at Kawasan Falls
Dinner at Magic Resort
Motorbike from Magic Resort to Badian
Bus from Badian to Bato
Bus from Bato to Oslob
Oslob Registration
Oslob Snorkeling
Oslob Brunch
Bus from Oslob to South Bus Station
Cab from Elizabeth Mall to JY Square
Motorbike from JQ Square toTemple of Leah
Motorbike from Temple of Leah to JQ Square
JQ Square cab to Ayala Mall
Movie at Ayala Mall
Cab from Ayala to Airport
Cab from Airport to Condo

Overall Memories Cost: $125
Overall Value: Priceless

Nagsasa Cove, Zambales for Holy Week 2016

The picturesque Nagsasa Cove Paradise is one of the farthest coves in the stretch of islands in Zambales. 
We prefer a more chill and less crowded place for Holy Week this year. Initial plan was to go to Puerto Galera and glad it didnt push through. 

By land from Manila, you can take the Victoria Liner bus via Iba or Olongapo (then take Iba) route. I arrived at the terminal 3am and took the Olongapo route at 4am since waiting time is longer for Iba route (5am). Fare is 235php with insurance. 

Upon drop off at Victory Liner Olongapo terminal, take the Iba route at 56 pesos and take off at San Antonio (right after San Marcelino). Then, across the highway, you can hail for trikes immediately upon take off. Tell the tricycle drivers to bring you off to Pundaquit, Purok Dos or Singko (Well, depends on where you plan to stay). I was charged 100php but I think it’s cheaper if youre going in on groups. 
In Pundaquit, you can ask around for a boat rental going to the different coves (Anawangin, Capones, Talisayen, Nagsasa and Silanguin). Rent depends on your drop off. For Anawangin, it can go from 2-2.5 to and fro. For the 5 of us, we were charged 4000php back and forth.

You can also rent for tent at 300 but would highly suggest to bring your own, borrow from a friend or buy at 500php in the malls. 

Rent for nipa hut (kubo) is at 200 but we opted not to since there are free tables around. Entrance is 100 per head upon boat arrival.
Please also bring all the stuff you need as items are pricey. We brought our own burner, gas, food, ice and water. Cigarettes are at 60php for halfpack, 200 for a bonfire set and water at 50. 

If you plan to trek, minimal charge of 10php will be asked by the locals.
We were picked up the following day at 9am to avoid strong waves. Overall, it was a quaint, intimate and fun experience. A perfect way to escape and detach as there are no signals from network. 

Compass Hospitality to manage 8th Hotel in UK: The Victoria Hotel in Oldham, Manchester

Effective 15 February 2016, Asia based Compass Hospitality Group has signed up its 8th hotel in UK with the management of The Victoria Hotel in Chadderton, Oldham located about 11 kilometres northeast of Manchester.  The 1800 Victorian styled hotel has 72 keys, a restaurant, a lounge, function rooms, landscaped gardens for outdoor events, and ample on-site car parking.  The hotel is conveniently connected to Manchester City Centre and Manchester Airport in the south via the nearby M60 motorway, Metrolink light rail network and National Rail’s railway line.
 The hotel was jointly acquired by Singapore based Seacare Hospitality Pte Ltd and Compass Hospitality.  Both parties also partnered in the acquisition of the Big Sleep Hotels’ portfolio in Cardiff, Cheltenham and Eastbourne in August 2015.
Once a manor house, the property was refurbished into a hotel and many of its rooms and suites have nice garden views.  At Mr. Brown’s Restaurant, guests enjoy their meals in cozy surroundings with a large marine fish tank as an added feature.  In addition to the restaurant, drinks, snacks and afternoon teas can be enjoyed at the Lounge which adjoins the hotel reception lobby.
For hosted events and weddings, The Elizabeth accommodates up to 200 guests while The MacNeil can host smaller groups of up to 100.  For even smaller functions and dinners, The George-Eliot is an ideal choice with its coffered ceiling, elegant interiors and its own separate pre-function foyer.
A short drive away to Manchester is Old Trafford Football Ground and Museum, home to Manchester United and its 130 years of football history, as well as the newer City of Manchester Stadium.  Stonerig Raceway offers adrenalin filled fun with its 8 tracks and race simulation in a Formula One car.  At Peak District National Park covering an area of 1,440 square kilometres, nature abounds at Dove Stone Reservoirs and Saddleworth Moor.
Compass Hospitality Group’s first entry into the UK market was in April 2015, having secured the management of The Lion Hotel Shrewsbury and The White Swan Halifax.  Since then, the UK portfolio has expanded to include the Big Sleep Hotels portfolio in Cardiff, Cheltenham and Eastbourne, The Lace Market Hotel in Nottingham and recently on 1 February 2016, Hawkwell House Hotel in Oxford.
Compass Hospitality’s President & CEO, Harmil Singh said, “Within ten months of our entry into the UK market in April 2015, we now have eight hotels under management in the UK.  The Victoria Hotel marks an important milestone and we intend to build on our market presence here.”
For more information on The Victoria Hotel, feel free to view details at
Compass Hospitality, one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing hospitality management companies, manages and operates a wide portfolio of 50 hospitality properties across all market segments.  Brand identities include Compass Hotels & Suites, Citrus Hotels, Citin Hotels and Ananda Resorts and Spas.  Compass’ portfolio includes hotels, resorts, executive serviced apartments and spas located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand; in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Pulau Langkawi in Malaysia; and in Shrewsbury, Halifax, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Eastbourne, Nottingham, Oxford and Manchester in the United Kingdom.
Media Contacts:
Mr. Matthew Welbourn
Executive Vice President, UK Operations
T: +44 2073 120000
M: +44 7771 756300
F: +44 2073 120022
Compass Hospitality (UK) Limited
10 Orange Street
London WC2H 7DQ
United Kingdom
Mr. Siddhesh Gawde
Corporate Asst. Digital Marketing Director
T:  +66 2 126 8282
D:  +66 2 126 8269
M:          +66 84 424 9712
F:  +66 2 168 7669
Compass Hospitality Company Limited
Suite 10/91 Trendy Office Tower
5th Floor, 10 Sukhumvit Soi 13
Bangkok 10110

New Year’s Eve at Azure Paris Beach Resort

Our New Year’s Eve “Welcoming 2016” was spent at Azure Urban Residences or most famously known as the “Paris Hilton Beach Resort” condominium.

Just like last year, we booked through AirBnb because it’s hassle free, cheap and the hosts are very responsive. If you haven’t tried it yet, visit my post here and see how we love booking through this app.

We booked a one bedroom unit for 2 nights (December 30 to January 1) at 2,500 pesos each, not per person, but per night. Many of you wouldn’t believe, I know. But it’s how you find the best host that would cater to your needs.
Our host, who were both based overseas, were very accommodating to our questions and the transaction happened right on snap. A day after the booking confirmation, we found ourselves in this beautiful luxury condo-resort-urban living.

The unit was at the 8th floor of Santorini Tower with a great view of the club and pool. All 9 towers, some still under construction, were named after famous vacation spots.
The rent per night already covers all of us family, 5 adults and 2 kids. Any guest or visitor can get in, yet only 4 persons (for 1 bedroom and 6 for 2 bedroom units) per day can get to swim in to the wave pool and man made beach. 

Access to rooftop viewing deck, game room with 6 consoles, children’s play room, movie room that fits in 8, Ibiza beach bar, beach volleyball ground are all included.

Please pardon my selfie! Hahaha

Exceptions are use of the gym and lap pool (for residents only), spa (with minimum fee and closed at that time) and function rooms. 
Guests who’d swim would only have to pay 20-peso for the strap. All of us were able to get in to the Paris Beach Club though, yet only my mom, sister and 2 kids get to swim on the first day.

I, on the other hand, borrowed my mom’s strap, and had a good dip during the night. Hahaha!
The pool and club closes at 7pm and opens as early as 6am. 
The place was a 5-min walk to SM Bicutan and PNR station. Jeepneys are also available. We never had a problem with transportation as we were also able to rent an Innova for 700 pesos one way from Bicutan to Sta Mesa.
Unbelievably, we took the PNR, at 15 pesos each, on our way the first day since it’s convenient as we all lived few streets away from PNR Sta Mesa station. 
Parking fee is at 200 per night and 50 pesos for the first 3 hours.
If your’e coming North, you can also take a bus going to Alabang, not Skyway express, and drop off at SM Bicutan.

On the NYE itself, the family, including a few relatives who lived nearby (Merville subdivision) went to visit during media noche and shared some moments in viewing the fireworks at the tower’s roof deck.
So, visitors, yes, can come over even you are only checked in as a guest, provided that they will not sleep of course.

Reason why I love booking at condos instead of hotels as they have a not so tight restriction on number of people who can stay at the room.
As a respect to your hosts, though, do not party mess hard, clean as you go and try not to destroy any fixtures. Yes, you can smoke, but at the balcony.
But of course, if you are interested in buying your own unit you may contact Justin Manalo #TeamMic of Century Properties. So, have fun and look forward reading your stories soon! Feel free to comment below and I’ll get back as quickly as I can.

Jungle Circuit Manila: A Halloween Costume Ball

UNLEASH THE ANIMAL WITHIN at Jungle Circuit Party Halloween costume ball!
Featuring Asia’s most sought after circuit DJ from Taipei ( DJ Odin.L ), A brazilian DJ ( ROMÉO Cavalcante DJ ), 3 international Filipino Circuit DJ ( DJ Brian Cua, DJ Jay Santos & DJ Toy Armada) and 1 filipino Trance DJ ( Jay Miraballes ), and live performances by Martin Buen together with Emcee Orion plus Universo Robot and the House Society Dancers!
We’ll dance til dawn in the Jungle’s temple ruins, designed exclusively for the wildest party animals!
Tickets available at House Manila online or you may buy at Any SM ticketing booth Nationwide. For table reservations contact 09152598178

Like Jungle Circuit Party on facebook to know more! See you there!!! 


Zomato: Bringing Restaurants to the Digital Age

The internet has revolutionized our way of life by making access to information easier. Now, every bit of information is literally just a click away. With the internet being an integral part of our everyday life, consumers increasingly go online to research for options before making decisions, like deciding where to eat.
With this fact in mind, food businesses are now taking advantage of what the web can do for them. Today, the food industry is investing time and effort in creating and sustaining their digital visibility to promote their services and goods online. And because these avenues have wider reach, promotion has never been easier, faster, and more effective.

According to Zomato, an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service, having websites and social media accounts allows restaurants to create more buzz in the online space. “If you are visible online, especially on Zomato, the searcher will eventually find you, out of a great number of restaurants within an area,” says Anton Ojeda, Zomato Philippines country manager. “By the time you’re shortlisted, it will just depend on the food preference of the searcher to choose you.”

Being visible in the digital space is like hitting two birds with one stone for the food industry. Ojeda adds that having digital presence does not only promote a brand, it also opens the communication line between restaurants and their patrons. “Being present in the digital space is not just about letting people know about your brand. It is about reaching out to them,” Ojeda said.
Through comments and feedbacks, restaurants are informed of how consumers find their services and food. Today, because of social media, consumers can freely say what they think about a particular restaurant, both positive and negative. Zomato found out that reviews by food bloggers as well as everyday diners play an important part when picking out a place to eat. “Filipinos have the habit of researching about a restaurant before actually eating there, and they rely on reviews they find in the Internet,” states Ojeda.

On the other hand, consumers can also give negative feedback through social media, which, as Ojeda says, restaurants take seriously. “In Zomato, restaurant owners can reply to bad reviews,” shares Ojeda. “You’d be surprised how seriously they take these reviews and how quickly they would take actions to address them. And even those with a lot of good reviews would reassess their operations after just one negative feedback from a user.”

Generally, having digital visibility plays an important part in the success of the food industry. It can either make or break the business. One just really needs to be wise enough to take advantage of its benefits, and use any negativity as a catalyst to make the venture grow.
Building a restaurant’s online presence and promoting brands in the digital age will be one of the topics in the first local Zomato Restaurant Summit to be held on May 19. The event, which has the theme Conquering the Digital Age, will bring together restaurateurs and foodies to talk about how restaurants can level up their games in the digital stage. Other topics include the evolution of Philippine restaurants and food tourism. For more information about the Summit, visit here.

About Zomato

Zomato is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service, providing in-depth information for over one million restaurants across 22 countries. Zomato’s core content features include menus, photos, and geocoded coordinates for restaurants. It currently serves over 80 million monthly visitors globally.

Zomato was founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. The company is present in over 100 cities across India, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and Qatar. Zomato recently acquired Urbanspoon, marking its entry into the United States and Australia.